Tuija Lindström

From the Series Girls from Bull´s Pond

Tuija Lindström has always worked contradictively. she is a woman, educated in art, from finland and she got the most desired position as an Art Professor (1992-2002) in sweden at the only university for Photography. lindström worked in classic male fields – nude women, The New Topographics and the New Objectivity movement, she wanted to add a more artistic view to Photography. she got criticized.
As a strong feminist in a male dominant world of press photographers, lindström has always been roughly debated in sweden. To carry her medium format camera in one hand and a child in the other has formed both her way of working and her motifs. her complexity is not in the unique pictures, it is more in the totally different expressions she has used throughout the years. her work is powerful and meditative at the same time, her stories contains both sensual dreams as much as colorful landscapes and experimental fractals.

Lindström´s artistic break-through was in the beginning of the 1990s with the series The Girls at Bull’s Pond – a both sensual and frightening suite. the women are contrasted dramatically by images of flat-irons – a very surprising and refined clash of styles.

Tuija Lindström was born in 1950 in Kotka, Finland.