Pernilla Zetterman

Ground Rules

Discipline, control and performance are the major themes in the works of the Swedish photographer Pernilla Zetterman, one of the most prominent graduates of The Helsinki School.

Zetterman visualizes the emotion emanating from being caught in ones own restraint, in a subjective way by exploring body language and gestures. In her condensed pictorial compositions she leaves no room for compromise or chance. In her early childhood Zetterman hardly spoke, and when she at seven got her first camera she used it to create a relationship with her environment. “To me the camera gave impression for the unspoken word. The wordless.” This personal view, the core of her photographical work, explores the origin of identity and social heritage. Her early experiences as a competitive athlete plays an important role in the work Ground Rules – day after day. The pictures of Pernilla Zetterman are defined by an aesthetic of her own accord. Their impression stays in mind – beautiful but at the same time relentless.

The exhibition Pernilla Zetterman Ground Rules – day after day is a cooperation between Swedish Photography and Gallery TAIK Berlin who exhibits Turn Down Center Line by Zetterman between February 4 and March 12, 2011.

Pernilla Zetterman was born 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden,