Henrik Isaksson Garnell


May 17 – July 5, 2014
Opening May 16, 7-9 pm
Exhibition and book release of Dissonance, Kehrer Verlag.
Opening speaker: Bill Kouwenhoven, editor.

The tabletop still life has always already been a feature of photography from its earliest days, yet it has equally partaken of photography’s “truth claim” a la Fox Talbot to represent a form of reality. A famous example has been the work of Joan Fontcuberta’s Herbarium, but that is in itself no different than the constructions of pseudoscientific works that might include the “Peking Man” and all manner of constructed heraldic beasties—all painstakingly constructed and photographed as to represent the real rather than the fictive.

With the choice of Dissonance as the title of his book Isaksson Garnell deliberately invokes the musical metaphor. Indeed, the titles of the sections of his book, point to musical tropes Mono, Poly, etc. So arranged and moving from Unplugged through Unplugged 2.0, they commence with plant forms, parts of flowers from many different genuses, that are combined with severed wires of the type and gauge more commonly used in telephone and computer cables to transmit date. Poly combines skin-like or petal-like materials that produce organic-looking shapes assembled, with the least amount of digital manipulation, combinant forms whose origins are deliberately obscured through different, contradictory, origins.

His Unplugged 2.0 series, represent a return to the beginning with a thematic shift to the point where Dissonance began, Unplugged, with organic materials, here though these are mostly skulls and shells or aquatic creatures interwoven with electronica or the tools of their manipulation.

Henrik Isaksson Garnell was born 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden. Ephemera is his second solo show at our gallery.