Henrik Isaksson Garnell


The Swedish photographer Henrik Isaksson Garnell is more than just a photographer – he is a talented inventor, sculptor, and art visionary. Instead of taking photographs of ordinary items found in nature, he distorts them completely and creates entirely new life forms.

Isaksson Garnell captures images that mix science and nature. The manipulated images make the 24-year-old part artist, part mad scientist. He moves between surrealism and concretism, unusual to photography, and the label has difficulties to attach.

Isaksson Garnell created very early a non-conceptual way of imaginations and images. Every work is a solitaire, strong and powerful. His creativity never thumbs on the quality, he has been producing nothing but fantastic work in large series.

Isaksson Garnell´s exhibition Apsis is very much an investigation of where the centre of a celestial body is located and he combines scientific eager with aesthetic sense. An apsis, plural apsides, is the point of greatest or least distance of a body from one of the foci of its elliptical orbit. In modern celestial mechanics this focus is also the centre of attraction, which is usually the centre of mass of the system. Historically, in geocentric systems, apsides were measured from the centre of the Earth.

The apsis of Henrik Isaksson Garnell´s elliptical orbit is just outside Stockholm. He lives in a small country house, close to the nature that is so important to his artistic work.