Photography is everything from authenticity to symbolic illusion – both reality and imitation at the same time. Dawid (Björn Dawidsson) is an artist from Sweden, born 1949, who is almost synonymous with the debate about photography and has always been in the front position. He has been called Sweden’s first post-modern artist and is widely discussed. Dawid is one of Sweden’s most respected and well-known photo based artists, whose work often balances on a tight rope between the graphic and the photographic. Just as he has always done, he is still experimenting with different techniques and equipment, new and old, ancient and modern – a photographic alchemist, intellectual and scientist. He constantly finds new angles to look at ordinary and extraordinary objects around us. His photographs simultaneously pay tribute to, and question, their given form.

What is Photography as such? Except for a technology innovation, photography is also a conceptual innovation. It is an imitation of something that already is an image, namely our vision. The discussion continues what René Magritte started and that is not a coincidence. Photography gives presence to something absent, an object in an illusionary way and is ready for a discussion. Dawids work in the series RRR is of an investigating kind to find out when an image becomes an illusion but still is a Photograph.