Dawid is one of Sweden’s most respected and well-known photobased artists, who has always held an Avantgarde position. He has been called the country’s last modern and its first postmodern artist by renowned critics. With his strong focus on the formal aspects of photography, he constantly explores the medium’s material and visual possibilities as well as its limits, often balancing on a tightrope between the graphic and the photographic.

Being a master of seeing the existential beauty in “nothingness”, Dawid incessantly discovers new angles to look at those ordinary objects that surround us, simultaneously paying tribute to and questioning their given form. the radicalness, which characterizes Dawid’s works, lies in the constant testing and transgression of this threshold.

From 13 April to 01 June 2013 Swedish photography exhibits a selection of dawid’s newer series of works, which are probably his most radical up to date. Although still closely connected to his previous series such as RRR, visualizing objects of our daily lives, Dawid has taken a completely new direction with MK/AW.

While his older works had an inherent static atmosphere, displaying and abstracting an object in the center of an otherwise empty space, the images of his new series MK/AW show an unprecedented dynamic that diffuses throughout the entire surface. Constructed from the ephemeral fuzzy structures of ordinary tV screens without broadcast signals, dawid has created illusionary fabric-like surfaces, exploring the different woven textures of a moment that was never meant to be visible in the first place.

Born in 1949, Dawid (Björn Dawidsson) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.