Björn Abelin


The artist Björn Abelin (born 1963) lives and works in Sweden. This is his first solo exhibition at Swedish Photography in Berlin. Abelin´s latest work Apocalypse is a critical comment on how disrespectfully Man treats the Earth. The work Apocalypse deals with hubris. Man as God, the creator and therefore also able to destroy. Abelin uses references from the escapist worlds depicted in video games and fantasy movies. These perfect landscapes reflect the power Man strives for, our need for control and mistrust of natural evolution. This is suffocating and we are doomed to failure. The question is, how do we start all over again and how can we avoid being consumed by our own need for control?

Apocalypse is a series in large format requiring us to sharpen all our senses of perception. Abelin takes a step closer to reality and also one step away from it, balancing on a thin line between fiction and fact.

The concept of Nature and how we interact with it has been a major interest for Abelin. His last work dealing with Nature and Man was the series Escapes, it was published by Journal Publishing in 2006 and has been exhibited for example in London and Beijing. In Escapes he depicted a landscape deserted by all human beings where the only one left looking at the scenery is the viewer. Like a child full of innocence seeing mother earth for the first time, like Genesis.

Björn Abelin studied photography at the Nordic Photographic School, Biskops-Arnö, Sweden. He has received important grants like among others, twice the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. His books have been nominated for the Photo Book of the Year in Sweden.