Unseen 2015

Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
September 18-20, 2015

Inka and Niclas
Henrik Isaksson Garnell
Johan Österholm

This year´s Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will take place from the 18th to the 20th of September at the Westergasfabriek. Meet us at booth 31, we will show works by Inka and Niclas, Henrik Isaksson Garnell and Johan Österholm.

Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

Friday 18 September 12.00-22.00
Saturday 19 September 11.00-20.00
Sunday 20 September 11.00-17.00

Inka and Niclas
Nature sets the scene: it’s evening, the light is lulling, and the sea is beginning to blend into the sky. The world softens into twilight and the quakes of the day fade into the wisps of night. It is at this moment that Inka and Niclas take their cue and combine innocence and wonder with construction and manipulation. Whether their vision takes the form of a rainbow that ribbons from cracks in the Earth’s surface or the paradox of a rooted apparition in the form of a bundle of sticks walking the tideline, they sculpt the already wondrous world into some- thing fantastic.

Inka and Niclas unify the natural and the supernatural in one vast sweep of their celestial paintbrush. They create otherworldly landscapes filled with magic, the impossible, and a sugar rush of dazzling colors. Nature serves as their backdrop and as their star character; it functions as both an entry point and an intersection. Inka and Niclas balance the dichotomy of colors that are at once hemorrhaging into the landscape and being absorbed by it. The colors speak to one another and to their surroundings. Pink murmurs. Orange howls. Violet weeps. Taking landscape photography as their historical waypoint and borrowing the novel and vibrant vision of the Impressionists and the Fauves, they cultivate terrain that leads us beyond awe and into wonder: these hues appear almost as hallucinations — arresting, lustrous, unnerving.

Becoming Wilderness is a body of work that includes more formal and systematic characters and sees carefully elaborated mark making that almost introduces us to the remains of some secret ritual. It is not only a positive exploration of the human perception but also a homage to the photographic medium. With this in mind Inka & Niclas introduce a spiritual element to their photography, using intuition, chance and an insistently repetitive work process in which they saturate the unexpected and the irrational. Their visual structures and collections of objects highlight a creative responsiveness and attentiveness to their environment.

Inka Lindergård was born 1985 in Finland and Niclas Holmström was born 1984 in Sweden. They live and work together in Stockholm, Sweden since 2007.

Henrik Isaksson Garnell
Henrik Isaksson Garnell is somewhere else than you and me. He is in his laboratory creating new life forms; both physically and mentally. Like Mary Shelley and her effort of bringing life to her creation Frankenstein. Isaksson Garnell´s sculptures are to miss-lead other scientists when seeking evidence cause nothing is easy and solid; there might be a parallel universe. Isaksson Garnell does not find life as a circular stage; life and death are two time lines never to meet existing at the same time in separate zones.

In the series The Painter’s Skin Isaksson Garnell is objectifying a surface. It is through the skins function as a sensory organ that we receive stimulation from the outside and make contact with the world. Skin, therefore, plays an undeniably important role in our lives. The skin is the boarder between inside and outside; it separates function from décor and also me from you. The skin is also separating sane from insanity. The skin is our shield and to cross that boarder is to break the contract we have with our selves. It is the most extensive organ of the human body and forms at the same time its exterior, it is what we can say the total definition, or representation, of an individual human. In contemporary art, countless artists have approached “skin” in a variety of ways, including the French artist Orlan, whose performances are based on altering her own body with plastic surgery. Hayashi Tomoko, Japan, whose series i wear you…u wear me deals with physical contact between lovers who are separated by great distances. These artists focus on the delicacy of the “skin” and the nature of human existence through our relationship with the world.

Henrik Isaksson Garnell was born 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden. During 2013 he released his monograph Dissonance at Kehrer Publishing, Germany, with essays by Bill Kouwenhoven and Celina Lundsford, both editors and art historians from the US.

Johan Österholm
Johan Österholm has a strong interest in the history of photography, the photographic process and its ability to speak to something that lies beyond the present day: of the traces that previous generations have left behind, and those that we ourselves will leave.

Österholm predominantly works with large format cameras and photosensitive materials in order to appropriate and visualize traces and passages through time. His contemplative practice spans from resurrecting his great-grandfather’s glass negatives to a typological series depicting buildings as repositories for memories.

Österholm’s believes in an alchemical potential in moonlight. He uses nocturnal illumination to activate obsolete objects by exposing them to the glow of the full moon. This system was first used by Österholm to bring new life to glass negatives and positives that were created by his great-grandfather in the early 1900s, which depict the night sky. Next, he collected shards of glass from abandoned greenhouses, coated them in silver gelatin, and transformed them from collectors of sunlight into moon gatherers. Österholm continues to explore the infinite possibilities for transformation that is imbued in the reflected light of our closest celestial body, the moon.

Johan Österholm was born in 1983. He lives in Malmö, Sweden where he is a Master’s candidate at Malmö Art Academy.