Paris Photo 2016


Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris


Tuesday by invitation only
Wednesday by invitation only
Thursday 12-8 pm
Friday 12-8 pm
Saturday 12-8 pm
Sunday 12-7 pm

Warmly welcome back to our booth D30. Same booth as last year.

After the last year´s solo show with the artist Dawid (Sweden, 1949) at Paris Photo, we will present selected art works by the artists Sascha Weidner (Germany, 1976 – 2015), Inka and Niclas (Sweden, 1985 and 1984) and Margot Wallard (France, 1978).

The work of Sascha Weidner deals with the creation of a radical subjective pictorial world. His photographs are characterized by perceptions, aspirations and illuminate the world of the subconscious. His work has been exhibited and published internationally.
The publisher Hatje Cantz has, just recently released the book Intermission II.

For Margot Wallard the forest became a place of resistance, somewhere where she could give free rein to that part of herself that does not cheat. With long exposures, leaving the shutter sufficient time to etch onto the film of the movements of the soul. Besides being her own model, she scans the things around her – animal, vegetable or mineral. By using the means of recording reality in its purest expression, she finds a different way of coming to grips with it. The series Natten will be published as a book in 2017.

The artist couple Inka & Niclas work circulates around expectations on nature and the landscape, and how photographs have formed those expectations. Differentiating between the physical and photographic worlds they are interested in the act of taking a photograph and often work with very momentarily made installations and actions done only for the camera.

NOTE! Inka&Niclas will sign their new book The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth (Kerber Verlag) on Friday November 11, 6pm at our booth D30.

We hope to meet you in Paris.