Photo Fair AIPAD New York, USA

Photo fair AIPAD, New York, US
April 10-13, 2014

Christer Strömholm
Björn Abelin
Dawid (image)
Agneta Ekman
Gunnar Smoliansky
Inka & Niclas

Christer Strömholm,
the doyen of modern Swedish photography and certainly its most influential figure, has influenced generations with his work. He occupies a central position in international photography history and his work has in no small measure contributed to the establishment of photography as an independent art form. Strömholm knew how to capture the character of an individual in his or her persona, however briefly the latter was revealed.
The series in which this succeeded perhaps most impressively is that of his images of Place Blanche in the red light district of Pigalle in Paris, where he began to photograph transvestites and transsexuals in the mid-1950´s. For six years he kept returning and taking photos that indicate a great respect, intimacy and growing familiarity: not a voyeuristic gaze, rather an interest in the figure opposite, whose role play Strömholm also used to question his own viewing practice. “They were questioning their own identity and that was the starting point for my work”. (Christer Strömholm)

To AIPAD we are bringing very rare vintage prints mounted on isorel/masonite from Strömholm´s debute exhibition in 1965.

Christer Strömholm’s (1918-2002) photos have appeared in many published books and been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide. He is also represented in many international collections.
He has received a number of awards, including The Hasselblad Award in 1997.

Björn Abelin
The Escapes series has been ten years in the making. Beginning with a quest to explore memories and identity through photography, the focus on landscapes was born out of a desire for space, time to reflect and to be at peace. Björn Abelin is interested in early landscape photography and how nature was viewed and interpreted by artists using both photography and painting. The photographs are taken at a number of places across Europe, but no attempt is made to describe the particular scenery of each location. No dates or place names are given. As the series developed it became clear that the place itself was not significant. More important was the idea that each image reflected the attitude or state of mind of the artist as he experienced each place and time.
Björn Abelin was born 1963 and lives and works in Stockholm.

One of Sweden’s most respected and well known photobased artists, whose work often balances on a tight rope between the graphic and the photographic. Just as he has always done, he is still experimenting with different techniques and equipment, new and old, ancient and modern – a photographic alchemist, intellectual and scientist. He constantly finds new angles to look at ordinary and extraordinary objects around us. His photographs simultaneously pay tribute to, and question, their given form. Photography is everything from authenticity to symbolic illu-
sion – both reality and imitation at the same time.
Ray is one of Dawid’s most mysterious and intriguing series of work. The artist himself gives no clues to which technique he has used. It looks like x-ray photographs, but is it? Could that be an animal, or a shadow of some other unidentified organic object floating dreamlike in an endless space? The lack of information fuels the fantasy and causes hidden thoughts – or ghosts – to emerge from the onlookers own conscience.
Dawid (Björn Dawidsson) was born 1949 in Sweden.

Agneta Ekman
Ekman is an internationally recognised photographer, published among others in Aperture US and Swiss Camera. Ekman worked for several years at Christer Strömholm´s photography school in
Stockholm. In 1967 she published Tall-Maja which was called a ground breaking photo book, the same year as Strömholm´s book Poste Restante. She left Sweden to raise her family and to do movies in Norway and was almost forgotten among the photography field. At the age of 71 she recieved a one-year Grant from Author´s Fund in Sweden. Tall-Maja has been reprinted 2013 (Journal) in English. Tall-Maja vintage prints was included in Moderna Museet Collection 2013.
Agneta Ekman Wingate iives and works in Hamburgsund, Sweden.

Gunnar Smoliansky
Smoliansky is a photographer who allows us to hear the voices of the small things. Things with such inconsequential voices that they can hardly be heard. Crumbs, nail holes, cracks. Nothing is too small or too insignificant to be the object of his attention. Yet there is something monumental about these individual details. Grandiose minimalism so to speak, having nothing to do with modesty, but rather with a sense of the equivalent importance of all things. His way of portraying the world is nonhierarchical. He has no ranking order, but instead a kind of enhanced attentiveness, a watchfulness that is always prepared and that leaves space for the unassuming.
Gunnar Smoliansky was born 1933 in Visby, Sweden. His father was a Russian jazz musician. For many years, Smoliansky was copyist to Christer Strömholm.

Inka and Niclas
Inka and Niclas´s practice evolves around an exploration of the different components that constitutes the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes. Becoming Wilderness is a body of work that includes formal and systematic characters and sees carefully elaborated mark making that almost introduces us to the remains of some secret ritual. It is not only a positive exploration of the human perception but also a homage to the photographic medium. With this in mind Inka and Niclas introduce a spiritual element to their photography, using intuition, chance and an insistently repetitive work process in which they saturate the unexpected and the irrational. Their visual structures and collections of objects highlight a creative responsiveness and attentiveness to their environment.
The artist duo live and work in Sweden, born 1985 and 1984.