Björn Abelin

The Escapes series has been ten years in the making. Beginning with a quest to explore memories and identity through photography, the focus on landscapes was born out of a desire for space, time to reflect and to be at peace. Björn Abelin is interested in early landscape photography and how nature was viewed and interpreted by artists using both photography and painting.

The photographs are taken at a number of places across Europe, but no attempt is made to describe the particular scenery of each location. No dates or place names are given. As the series developed it became clear that the place itself was not significant. More important was the idea that each image reflected the attitude or state of mind of the artist as he experienced each place and time.

Abelin’s choice of a large format camera inspires a calm, methodical and intense way of working in which he becomes highly conscious of his environment. He imagines himself as either the first or last human being on earth. In this way he can experience the elements with childlike wonder and curiosity, or with deep appreciation and knowledge. He has created two ways to contemplate our relationship to nature, two perspectives from which to consider our position in a changing world.

Björn Abelin was born 1963 and lives and works in Stockholm.