Agneta Ekman

Tall-Maja, Pine Tree Mary – the Lady of the Forest, is an old Swedish folklore tale about a mysterious spirit. Charcoal makers, hunters and foresters could glimpse her among the trees, and tales where told of men who had fallen under her spell and become very strange. Agneta Ekman staged the story 1965, an unusual way of working for photographers during that time period.

The book was published in 1967 at Gebers Förlag and was called a ground breaking photo book the same year as Christer Strömholm´s Poste Restante was released. Ekman worked as a teacher for several years in the 1960s at Christer Strömholm´s photography school in Stockholm. She left Sweden in the 1970s to raise her family and to make films in Norway, she was almost forgotten in the photography field. At the age of 71 she received a one-year Grant from Author´s Fund in Sweden. The book Tall-Maja has been reprinted in 2013 in English by the publishing house Journal. Tall-Maja vintage prints are included in the Moderna Museet Collection in Sweden and in private collections in Sweden and USA.

Agneta Ekman Wingate was born 1942, she lives and works in Hamburgsund, Sweden.